What is life? And How to live it?

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Core of Life

Something is in absolute freedom. A freedom by the very nature in every dimensions. Everything is coming from and going back into some core substance which is the root cause of all other substances. That core substance is working like a phenomenon. It stays there as substratum of all other activities happen. It remains still at the same time being potentially attribute less dynamic it spurts into the activity and supports it potentially. That’s the very truth. That is life.

Just like how air spurts inside the body-mind and around it, goes in and out and supports activity of body an mind. Look at the video below to get an image of what does this mean. How stillness being potentially active and yet being cause and support of sustained dynamism.

Aligning with the core of Life

Life happens on many levels. Which can be experienced on many levels. On the planet earth, human beings are the one who are at the highest level of species experiencing it when it comes to depth of experience. The experience of that fundamental freedom lies as substratum is the ultimate experience of life.

The purpose of the question how to live life? Means here something you get, by which your life gets to an ease. It’s the answer, all human beings are wondering about how.

We want to be effortless, satisfied and happy. Whatever we are doing in life is ultimately for that only. You may like to eat delicious food or like to travel or like to shopping or like to fall in love or like to explore. It is just in the pursuit of contentment.

First of all be clear that, you can live your life only by your present level of perception. You can expand your perception but at present whatever actions you can take is only as per your present level of perception. What and how much do you see, you can respond to it accordingly.

Suppose you are in a particular situation, the more you know all dynamics of it considering all in-comings an outgoings of things affecting the situation, proportionately you will know what exact kind of response you need to give. If you don’t know then you will feel baffled by it. If anyhow you can’t figure what the situation is about then how will you know what is needed to do in that particular situation?

Similarly to live life you first have to understand the very life in every dimensions. The more you understand that deeply and keenly the more you will know how to live life.


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    Ways to understand life

    External Perception

    See, to understand life, there are mainly two ways. Either you start evaluating external stimulation from your sensory experience and mind with what you see, hear, taste, smell and touch. By this way you will know certain aspects of life as sense perceives only within certain limitations. As senses work only by the physical stimulation, the physicality of life can very much be understood. You will know how cause and effect works and it affects each other. Accordingly you have to align yourself to the physical cause and effects of life.

    Internal Perception

    The other way is you can perceive by internal stimulation, coming from inside. This demands extra ordinary sensitiveness. As there is no particular thing you can point out easily internally as it is possible in sensory perception.

    Sensory perceptions perceives only between certain frequencies. To perceive beyond certain frequencies we need to depend on certain internal stimulation. If you have observed whenever you perceive anything by any senses you experience a subtler movements apart from gross stimulation. Those internal stimulation are connected to everything around you but it is out of the perception of five senses human beings have.

    It is possible to induce an experience from internal stimulation. Just like how an experience induces from sensory perception. That’s another way to perceive life which is yet not been in experience from five senses.

    The thing is the fundamental substance which is there as substratum of all activity is the same thing present in any kind of movement induces experience inside of us. With five senses only certain kind of movements are easily perceivable and those are just the 1% of total movements happen at any time.

    Being sensitive to life

    If the energy spend decreases through five senses including knowledge and motor senses, the potential energy levels will automatically enhance inside. With this enhanced energy levels, if it is nurtured properly, it results in super sensitive stimulation from inside. With this extra sensitiveness, you can know the deeper aspects of life which can not be perceived through five senses.

    As far as it concerns how to be in any situation, this will be the key interface to the interiority of life within body-mind. With this knowing it will as easier to know what to do, as you know the nuts and bolts of a machine and you know which switch to press or release at what time.

    Google Map of Life

    Now, the question of how to live life socially or in the world? What to do, what not to do at various stages of life. What is the most important thing in life etc. These things vary at different times from individual to individual. But it has a certain scope of its own. If you know what could be the maximum scope of life externally and internally then you will have a Google map of life in your hand. Then no matter at which stage of life you could be, you will know what will be the subsequent stages and so you can prepare yourself accordingly.

    But first important thing is if you are properly established in your interiority; within your body-mind, then it will be much easier to handle external situations of life. At whichever stage you could be, you will do it well. Because if you knew your self well from inside, then external management of life will be just a reflection of your self only. What you are within is the same way others are in totality. If you know full scope of ho you are then it is the same thing every human beings are from within. Every human beings have been allocated the same functionalities of body-mind. It is just that the one who understands life better can be more clever in handling things. Just like if you know all the ways within a city, you will know where you are and how to go where you want to go. In the same way you can easily surf and make your way through life if you know your self very well; the fundamental mechanics of life.

    Both the Exteriority and Interiority of Life are correlated and functions in the same way. If you try to know exteriority of life first then it is a very complex journey and the crippling one. Because you can never find the full scope of how life works just looking at things around you. It has its own dynamics of physicality and you could end up being a frog in a well. With external perception only certain limited things of life can be known. If you want to understand full scope of life then looking inward is the only way.

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