What is the fundamental process of life?

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An insight into the fundamental structure of Life

Quantum mechanics is the field of science that studies the subtleties of life at an even smaller scale than atoms and sub-atomic particles; protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, photons etc. It says all the creation of these particles and then by joining forming a more gross matter; these fundamental particles seem to be coming from empty space and disappearing into it billions of times in a moment. It seems like dancing of these waves forming from no-thing and again deforming back to no-thing.

So there are two directions in which the fundamental motion occurs at any given moment. One is the fundamental particles joining each other and forming gross matter in a certain way, which makes our very body and everything around us. Another is the same gross matter getting dismantled at subtler level & on gross level simultaneously, which ultimately is getting deformed & dissolving into no-thing.

Now, which lifestyle suits the nature of the body-mind ultimately depends on this movement happening at various gross & subtler levels within and around the body-mind. Because the body-mind itself is a consequence of a certain level of constant movement. What is around body-mind is also a certain level of movement, just with different complexity. What we call experience is the resultant stimulus of the body-mind’s gross & subtler movement. So if we want to know which lifestyle suits the nature of the body-mind, first we need to understand how the body-mind functions.


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    Know the extreme ends of Life

    So if we want to understand anything as to how it functions, we cannot understand it unless we know the nuts & bolts of it and how it is made fundamentally. So to understand how the body-mind functions, we need to understand how the body-mind is made. If we get to know all the ins and outs of the body-mind, then it will be very easy for us to understand what to do & what not to do with the body-mind. Just like if you know what the different inlets/outlets of a city are, to surf within the city is easy to move across different geographical places. It can be grasped over a period of time. The only thing is you won’t be lost within the city, that’s important.

    Layers of Life: Gross and Subtle

    Now, let us understand how the fundamental structure is made, which is spread over different layers at the same point in gross & subtler levels. If I can give you a comprehension of what I mean by subtle & gross is, if you can see the house, for example. A House is made of elements like Bricks, cement, Sand, Concrete, wood etc. Then house is a gross form made of Bricks, cement etc. & bricks, cement, sand etc, is a subtle form of the house. In the same way, if we say village, then village is a gross form of houses, roads, infrastructure of various kinds, people, land etc. In the same way, later is a subtler form of a village. If we look at the brick, then the brick is a gross form of clay, shale, sand, ash, cement, etc. In the same way, clay or ash is a subtle form of a brick. We can go up to the earth, solar system, galaxies, superclusters, universe & group of universes & empty space at last. In the same way, we can go into a sand particle; then it could be lava (in liquid form if we expand it by heating), then inside it, there are compounds made of molecules made of atoms. Here the way this atom joins each other forms molecules & furthermore compounds; it can form a malleable, flexi state of gross matter, or it can form some rigid gross matter. Generally, the way matter forms; first, it’s in a more flexi state, say plasma or gas; we can say subtler matter. Then it further condenses & forms rigid gross matter gradually. 

    It is the Intermolecular force & Intramolecular force are responsible for any kind of grossness or subtleness of any physical matter. The less the attraction force, the more scope it provides for the atoms and molecules to fluctuate, resulting in a more flexi state of matter that doesn’t have a particular form, say liquid or gas, and further, etc. If that force is very high, it provides a rigid form of matter, providing a lesser scope to fluctuate the atom respectively.

    If we want to find what causes the internal atomic attraction force to be high or low, then it depends mainly on how much an atom has a space around it to fluctuate. If space around it is low, then most probably, it will be a rigid element of matter with different categories of property. It is the same with all forms of matter, from gross or rigid to subtler or flexi state.

    If we want to understand how gross matter is different than subtler, then we can say it for only one reason. If the space decreases between atoms, the matter becomes rigid & it becomes flexi with the increase of space between atoms. In that way, all the solid, liquid, gas & other forms of matter (Plasma & Bose-Einstein condensate) is a gross form of matter.

    Then compounds, molecules & atoms, respectively, are subtler forms of matter. But still, we can know what these atoms are made of. Where we can say the atom is a gross form of that.

    There are further scientific studies available as to what is the detailed structure of an atom. It is a proton, neutron & electron which forms an atom. It is a more magnified and detailed view of what matter is actually. Some particles are held in the center & other surrounding it. As proton & neutron being in center & electron surrounding it forms a basic picture of an atom. But actually it is something different & yet not totally discovered by the science of modern times. There are certain reasons for this kind of structure of an atom. They say further that each of these particles is made up of further sub-atomic particles called quarks, also called elementary particles. There are certain other elementary particles as well. But as we go deeper into the elementary particles there seems more fluidity & less of condensation as to differentiate a particle further. 

    There is no further particle, but it’s a wave-particle dual nature which causes a string like nature of a particle. It is termed as string theory in modern science. You can find more details here in the video.

    Space: The start and end of life at the extreme ends

    These strings are nothing but empty space taking a curve & by result forming a string like form which can be called a wave & particle as well. Although there could be a certain a more wavelike collapsion process before forming tiny sustainable elementary particles which further joins in a certain way to form more condensed matter.

    So we have travelled through empty space forming elementary particles first & a whole universe in a successive manner. So in spite of the various forms we have within & around us, the one thing which remains common in all the states of matter is space.

    So when we look at the matter, it is actually the space which is flowing in various patterns. The matter is nothing but a set of patterns in which the space flows. Just like in the very first form where space takes a curve it make “S” shape form flowing back & forth at the point. This constant movement of space is which sustains a particular form of a matter.

    Now in general if we look as gross matter to subtle, this is Solid (Earth), Liquid (Water), Gas (Air), Fire (elementary particles of photons) & finally ether (space). So the flow goes through a complex pattern starting from empty space to empty space. It is this flow or constant movement which we call life.

    Relation between the Fundamental structure of life & the Lifestyle

    What we call lifestyle is a process of harnessing this flow of life through our body-mind in order to have the least resistance to let the flow pass as freely as possible. If the flow of life is not passing fluently then that’s where certain issue arises in the body-mind. Just like if the water in the river is overflowing & there’s a dam resisting the flow of water. Then certain damage will happen anyway either to the side or bottom of the river or to the dam itself. If the same situation arises in the body, that’s what is called dis-ease. Although there are many reasons to dis-ease & the level of dis-ease to happen, but fundamentally it means a certain life process gone off the road somehow.

    But fortunately, the life is flowing on many levels in our body-mind as we discussed in gross & subtler arena of matter. A certain miss flow won’t result in the collapse of the whole system. A natural mechanisms resulting from the complex flow of life most of the handles the situation rightly. Most of the time we even won’t even know that what kind of imbalance has happened if such thing happens. That’s how self sustaining the complex mechanism of the flow is.

    Basically, what body-mind is, it is a certain accumulation of flow of space moving in certain patterns constantly. In other words, the body-mind is a certain arrangement of atoms joined together in a certain way, forming molecules & compounds & further organised to make cells and organs. And further organs joined making a body. So body is a certain organisation of organs interacting with each other in a certain specific movements happening constantly. So organs interact with each other in various gross & subtler ways, say it can be interacted with physical or solid mechanisms, it can interact via certain liquid mechanism or gaseous mechanism or any electrical (atomic) mechanisms or further it can interact with certain wavelike interaction as well. So the interaction is happening always from grossest medium say solid to the subtlest medium say space. There is a certain direction in which this interaction happens, although we can say it cause & effect mechanism; but still there is a certain direction to the happening of cause & effect. It is not happening randomly in any direction, although it seems so when any movement is observed at the atomic or subatomic level. They are saying it is a dance like movement appearing & disappearing of wave/particle.

    You can read more about that in this interesting article.

    Sustainable lifestyle: A Life management skill

    Now the body organs are not just interacting with each other but also with surroundings. Just like how there is interaction at all corresponding gross & subtler levels within the organ and surrounding organs, there is interaction around the whole body as well. This interaction or movement is what is called an experience. Every gross & subtle level of movement induces or affects the whole organism (body) in a certain way & so a certain type of movement induces a certain experience.

    So what we meant by “Which lifestyle suits the nature of body-mind”?

    What is the role of our experience to decide what “suits” our body-mind?

    What does it mean when we say “suit” the body-mind?

    Hold back, we will be back with a deeper understanding of the structure, the nature of it & the lifestyle our body-mind is seeking.

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