What is the purpose of human life & how we can help humanity to go towards it? (Part 3)

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What is the meaning of life?

When you’ve experienced enough food, sleep, sex, travel, business, social interactions, and love, yet still feel an emptiness within, you may begin to question the purpose of life. You might have tried various pursuits and experiences to fill this emptiness but found that the feeling persists. This realization leads to questions about the meaning of life and our purpose here on Earth.

Exploring the Answers to Life’s Questions

At this stage, you seek answers to these existential questions. This is an essential step in personal evolution. You might search for guidance from those who claim to have experienced this stage or have answers to these questions. Through their teachings, you may gain spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical knowledge. However, as you try to embody these teachings, you realize that mere words don’t translate into personal experience.

A New Stage in Personal Evolution

This phase marks a significant shift in the evolution of the mind. You’ve already transcended physical and mental needs related to the body, but you can’t seem to find satisfaction in the knowledge you’ve acquired from external sources. It takes time and maturity to understand that these inputs aren’t enough to fill the emptiness you feel.

Discovering the Truth of Life

When you reach the point where you stop seeking external inputs, you begin to experience a profound change. Recognizing that no input can fill the void you feel, you start to simply exist in your current state. As you spend more time in this state, you become increasingly aware of an inner stillness. Be in whatever condition you are. There is nothing to do, no pull or push you are feeling anymore which can make you do something. The push of nature from inside is now subsided. You fill still. The more you remain in this state you will be overwhelmed by the stillness coming from inside. That emptiness which was earlier making you to do all kinds of things, now that emptiness starts covering your whole experience of body-mind-energy. As now you decided to face that emptiness and don’t try to escape from it.


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    The turning point of Experience of Life

    What seemed to be poison happened to be Nector of Life and What looked like Nector was actually the poison.

    That is the moment, that emptiness will take over the full part of your being and it will invade your experience and will start moving in and out of your body. It is like the water from two reservoir starts merging into each other. This movement of the emptiness in your body will be the kind of pleasantness you have never experienced. That emptiness will fill up the smallest of smallest & subtlest of the subtlest part of your being and experience. And gradually as it fills more and more of your being you will start knowing the more and more areas of life from inside which you were not able to know from outside stimulus. You will understand how the physicality of life is working, what is the fundamental substance of physicality. You will know all the interconnectedness of life from gross to subtle. And ultimately you will get to know that the emptiness you were feeling is the stimulus of the fundamental substance of life itself from inside.

    As you remain in this state for sufficient time, you will start getting all different kinds of insights from within. Which normally is not available to anyone who had never spent enough time behind these things. So again when these events are happening the energy behaves in more complex way.

    Experiencing the Ultimate Reality

    As you spend more time in this state of stillness, you gain insights that are not readily available to those who have not explored this realm. This period brings about complex energy movements within your being, leading to a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries.

    Self Realisation – God Realisation – Realisation of reality

    When the complexity of these energy movements reaches a certain point, you begin to see the truth behind esoteric sayings such as “we come from God and must return to God.” You start to grasp the deeper meanings behind these expressions.. You will start to understand such esoteric meanings of those certain dialectical understandings.

    The Path to Ultimate Happiness

    So what this energy is heading towards, it is heading towards the ultimate stimulus. After that there is no further complex and intense stimulus exists or we can say complex input exist in the world. This is too much pleasurable and pleasant state of a human being when he is knowing about life; all the fundamentals of life. It is more valuable than anything which others are doing or which one has been done.

    Understanding the cycle of nature marks the end of its push on your life. With this knowledge, your energy reaches a peak of complexity and movement, leading to immense pleasure and happiness.

    So once you understood the whole cycle of nature, it will be the end of the push of nature. Because that’s what the push is going towards, that’s what the system is heading towards and trying to achieve. So when your energy reaches to a certain peak of complexity and a peak of movement, a certain things could go outside of the control of your physical body. Because a physical body needs to have the movement of energy in a certain way in order to remain balanced. So here you will you will experience too much pleasure.

    What is Happiness? The Chemistry of Happiness

    When we say pleasantness, it’s all supported by chemicals. We all now know that whatever we feel there is a chemical basis to it. So how our understanding evolves it affects the chemicals. It is not just physically if you have taken anything inside only then it will a stimulant or influence certain chemical secretions. If you have evolved the understanding or your perception it also influences the chemicals secretions. As your perception changes, it changes the behavior pattern of energy inside. And that makes the changes in chemicals. That’s what making feel pleasant state of being.  

    The Effortless State of Being

    When energy moves intensely within you, you experience a state of pleasantness that is effortless. This is the state of happiness, which is often said to be our true nature. When we align ourselves with the core of life or the source of existence, we flow with it, experiencing a sense of unity and liberation.

    If you have observed when you are doing something where your active involvement is needed every moment, you will feel effortful. But when something happens just like that without your active involvement in a particular way, what happens is pleasantness and that’s what makes you effortless. You will feel like a flower is just flowing in the wind. You will feel like wind is passing throughout you. That’s how it could appear in your experience.

    Liberation of Life: The ultimate homecoming

    This state of happiness, in which you feel one with the flow of life, is true liberation. In this state, you experience an inner harmony, feeling as though you are a flower carried by the wind or the wind passing through you. This harmonious connection with the essence of life is Liberation. And one day the condensed energy within will merge with whole around it. Till that time you are living liberated state of life. The ultimate source of life within the system in microcosm level to the whole universal system in macrocosm with a stream. that’s what makes us experience unity of whole universe. But once the highly condensed energy within totally moves out of body and merges into the final movement of life universally that is true and ultimate liberation. Now there is no you experiencing liberated state of life.

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