Which Lifestyle suits the nature of your Body-Mind

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Cycles of Life and Lifestyle

Before going into the details of lifestyle, let us first look at what is the nature of life, Only then we can have a insight of what is a suitable lifestyle which is essential to live well.

If you observe physical life around you with a certain attention and interest, you will get to know that life seems to be a process going in a hill-valley pattern,  Ascending & Descending, Fullness & emptiness, Sometimes Highly intense, exciting & uncertain and sometimes Loosen up & settling down.

All the process which we are doing or which is happening by nature, is always happening between a peak and a bottom. Sometimes it seems certain but we always saw that it always has a flash of unpredictability in it.

If you have observed how Biological process going in body or how situation changes around you, in first impression it seems next to impossible to figure out a lifestyle which will handle your body, mind and also situation around you, without being panic or stressed about anything.


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    But if we look more deeper than the normal into the life process happening in body-mind and situations around you, it always going in a pattern. In a certain pathway, which seems chaotic from surface but it has a complex order in it. If we can know the most fundamental order in which life is working, then we can handle our body-mind and situation around us very well. Because all this things in life are always going in a complex amalgamation of pattern of the fundamental process or pattern of life.

    Who is managing Life?

    Does this seem logical? Aren’t 99.99% of total activity happening in body and around the world are happening automatically? We just have very small percentage of our role in making life happen the way it is happening. Just like a boatman is not actually running the boat; He is just guiding the boat according to the wind flow. Boat is just going in its natural way according to the surroundings.

    So actually what life is within and around us is a very big phenomena than what our capability is to control it. Can you see this. Just look at this. Do you have control over your digestion system? When to start and when to stop it? Can you decide when to be hungry, actually? Can you decide what to do in the body when you are asleep? Even can you decide when to sleep? Can you decide when to have rain? Can you decide for the wind as in which direction to flow? No, we just have to cop-up with this natural happenings. When it tends to happen, we know that now this is time for what kind of process.

    Right now, we can see that we are overpowering some of this environmental natural happenings. Still we don’t know what to do to cop-up with our interference with the nature. Nature is getting affected and we are seeing the worsen effects of over involving with the nature without knowing the intricate mechanism of it.

    If so, then doesn’t it make sense to be with this larger phenomena than to do our own rubbish things based on our little experience of few years or even few thousand years? Isn’t it the best for us to sail across the waves of life without pissing off by it?

    Wise way to live life

    We just need to understand how nature works and accordingly align & adjust with it. Of course we can interfere with nature, but only once we know what kind of consequences will we face by interfering with nature. Could we face the consequences and handle it with effervescence or would we pissed off by it? This kind of clarity comes only when we know how nature operates at different level and how this different levels of process interacts with each other. In order to perceive the process of life it is best we align all the things on the different levels of our body-mind and world around us with the fundamental process of life. Once we align our activities of body-mind with the fundamental process of life, we will  get to know what works & what doesn’t, where we were going wrong and what needs to be changed.

    It is that consequential lifestyle which will result in the robust & balanced foundation of our experience and in turn it will become easier to handle everything in our life, all the uncertainties and problems; Not only on the personal level but also for all the people living in the world around us.

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