What is Kundalini? And What is Kundalini Yoga?

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We’ve examined the fundamental concepts of life in both objective and subjective ways, observing a core life force that underpins creation and from which all existence emerges. This core life force possesses the highest potential energy and is devoid of attributes. Modern scientists now assert that empty space contains the universe’s highest energy levels.

The Expansion and Contraction of the Universe

As creation unfolded from this void and progressed through stages of attributes, decreasing in potential, it reached an equilibrium point at which no more energy was available to generate further attributes or divide energy. At this stage, the process reversed as the vacuum energy began to dominate, causing the universe to contract rather than expand. At this point, the universe began to reverse its expansion and to move towards its original state. The tiniest fractions of energy at the base of physical creation are the fundamental particles, which eventually came together to form atoms, molecules, compounds, and inanimate and animate objects. The human being is the ultimate complex structure of physicality in the universe.

Kundalini, the spare yet subdued attributeless energy that remained in the universe after the first equilibrium point, is present in all matter objects. It is the potential energy that increases in potency with the increasing complexity of matter. Human beings have the highest level of condensed energy in the universe and are the final stage of evolution of physical matter.


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    The Formation of Physical Matter

    From this process, minute energy fractions combined to form the basis of physical creation. These energy fractions are what we call fundamental particles. These particles then combined to create atoms, molecules, compounds, and both inanimate and animate objects, which together constitute the structure of the physical world. The initial attributeless energy at the universe’s core transformed into these particles and generated physical creation.

    Humans and the Energy Equilibrium

    After billions of years, another equilibrium point was reached, at which no more complex physical systems could be created. At this point, humans emerged as the most complex physical structures in the universe. With energy levels in both humans and the universe now equal, no further energy-driven changes were possible, as the potential difference had reached its lowest point.

    Energy’s Journey to Its Original State

    We now understand that energy flows in the opposite direction, returning to the original state that existed before creation. Two things are happening: energy is becoming more potent and regaining its attributeless state. The creation of physical matter was simply one stage in the journey of energy.

    The Role of Fundamental Particles

    We recognize that fundamental particles underlie physical matter. As particles combine, the flow of energy within matter becomes more complex and potent, leading to the formation of atoms, molecules, compounds, inanimate objects, and animate objects.

    Humans and Kundalini Energy

    Animate objects represent the most complex state of physical matter, with humans at the pinnacle of complexity and potency. The attributeless energy that gave rise to physicality now exists within all stages of physical matter. Now, the attributeless energy spurted into the physicality and appearing to be with certain attributes is there in all the stages of the physical matter.

    The Path to the Original State of Energy

    As the final stage in the evolution of physical matter, humans must now strive to reach the ultimate state of attributeless, highly potent energy, returning to the original state before creation. This does not require physical evolution but rather a qualitative evolution to manage the energy and complexity provided by our body-mind system.

    That spare energy being there in all the matter objects of universe is Kundalini. This potential energy levels are getting enhanced with the increasing of complexity of the matter. So human beings are having the highest level of condensed energy in the universe.

    The important thing is, the human beings are the final stage of evolution of physical matter when it comes to the journey back to the core state of energy which was there before creation.

    Now, only one thing is remaining for human beings in order to accommodate the natural push of energy. It is to reach the final stage of energy being highest potent and attributeless so that the energy reaches to its original state. This is something does not need physical evolution, but it definitely needs the qualitative evolution to handle the amount of energy and complexity of structure we get provided as the body-mind.

    Managing the Body-Mind System

    Now, we have seen how to best handle the body-mind, as there are certain things to take care of body, certain things to take care of mind and certain things to take care of energy. So that if we handle the body-mind well only then we can cator to next the step to support the call of nature.  There are various practices available as to how to handle body-mind. Including Asanas, Hatha yoga, Yama, Niyama, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi.

    Kundalini Yoga: An Express Path to the State of Yoga

    Kundalini Yoga is a practice that directly impacts the core energy level, working to release the remaining energy within the body and merge it with the final stage of attributeless, highly potent energy. Kundalini Yoga addresses the body-mind-energy system as a whole and produces rapid results, offering an accelerated path to the state of Yoga.

    Supporting Practices for Kundalini Yoga

    To complement Kundalini Yoga, various supporting practices can be performed at the body and mind levels. This practice is being direct and so most potent, so it is admonished to do under proper guidance who knows it best.

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