Nature of Nature – A key to the mechanics of Life

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Understanding the Natural Phenomenon: Letting Things Be

Everything in the universe follows its natural course, like an unwritten yet understood phenomenon. It raises a pertinent question: how do we live as per necessity? The solution is profoundly simple: let necessity fulfill itself. Interestingly, you don’t need to intervene, not even slightly. This is because the nature of nature is embarking on its unique journey, naturally fulfilling necessities on its own. In essence, you are an integral part of that nature. There exists only a singular cosmic energy that expresses itself through a body, mind, and intellect, fulfilling requirements. Consequently, the root cause of stress is the false belief that you need to satisfy the requirements and desire to acquire more than what is necessary.

Unraveling the Ego: The Mirage of the Self

The “you” in the above context refers to the ‘ego.’ The ego is the only distinguishing factor between the manifested and unmanifested self, with memory playing a crucial role. Therefore, the ego, that is “you” and “yours,” has no real existence. The reality is the presence of an energy, referred to as the self, Om, Ram, Naad, string, Sound of silence, or any other term you prefer, or perhaps none at all. This energy is continuously resonating on its own.


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    The Process of Fulfillment: Manifesting Necessities

    So, how does necessity fulfill itself? The answer lies in the process of manifestation, leading to an infinite journey of self-manifestation. The ego or the ‘you’ is merely an illusion born out of this manifestation.

    Probing Deeper into the Purpose of Manifestation

    What drives manifestation? The answer propels us deeper into its essence. The nature of the self is to maintain equilibrium. And how does it manage to remain balanced? By fulfilling necessities.

    Decoding Balance: The Pathway to Peace and Exuberance

    So, what is balance? Balance is essentially the ability to remain peaceful and exuberant in one’s life, which becomes the only necessity. Everything we do is aimed at attaining and preserving a state of peace and joy forever. However, we seem to struggle to maintain this state for extended periods. On a fundamental level, necessity is fulfilling itself. Still, we often find ourselves trapped in the endless loop of survival, leading us to the question of fulfilling the fundamental longing within all of us.

    Recognizing and Fulfilling the Fundamental Longing

    If you have managed to establish a smooth survival process, pause and observe the fundamental longing that emerges within you. Instead of pursuing an endless loop of smoother survival, focus on this inherent longing. This fundamental longing of life will satisfy itself without any extra effort directed towards that particular aspect. Hence, life presents no problems because every problem discovers its solution naturally. Only thing is you have to remain in a certain limit and don’t expect more than requirements on survival level.

    Expectations and Imbalances: The Root Cause of Suffering

    Expecting more than what is required creates an imbalance in journey of self, leading to what we commonly term as suffering in life. If you possess more than what is necessary, distribute it to those in need. This act of giving is the self’s responsibility towards itself. It’s natural, it’s infinite. Living this journey is what we often refer to as happiness in life.

    Embrace the Journey and Cherish Happiness

    Remain content and blessed, enjoying the journey of life as it naturally unfolds, fulfilling necessities, and maintaining a delicate balance. The mechanics of life is all about understanding the nature of nature, realizing that you’re an integral part of it, and learning to let necessities fulfill themselves. It’s about discovering the essence of peace, joy, and balance, and ultimately, realizing that life, in its core, is a never-ending journey of self-manifestation.

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