The Composition of Reality: The Creation of Life

In the vast cosmos of existence, reality is perceived in two distinct ways:

  1. The observed reality: what we witness.
  2. The observing reality: who is taking in the view.

The Dual Aspects of Reality: A Union Creating Life

The merger of these two aspects of reality crafts the enigma we call Life. You, as an individual, are the beholder of the world, and the world that you perceive is designed solely for you. Every boy, girl, animal, tree, and particle in the universe exists in a state of fervor for you. Your role, in turn, is to engage with them in a harmonious dance we term as life. In this grand scheme of existence, you are the master weaver, the creator.


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    Embracing Your Role: Becoming a Catalyst of Reality

    You are not a random occurrence in the cosmos. Instead, you represent reality itself. With this understanding, the compulsion to create more, to enhance your influence, becomes your natural instinct – this instinct is likened to a dance. Dancing, in this context, represents the continuous, vibrant process of life. You have been accorded the opportunity to perform this dance, to influence and shape the reality that surrounds you.

    A Grand Performance: Dancing with Life

    Participation in the dance of life involves actively engaging with your reality, forming connections, and influencing outcomes. It’s a compelling journey that calls for passion, creativity, and resilience. The world around you is your stage, filled with a multitude of characters and elements eager to synchronize with your rhythm.

    Your unique perspective and actions form a powerful combination that influences your reality, creating an extraordinary dance of life that evolves with each beat. So, step up, embrace your role, and remember that you’re not merely a participant in this grand performance of life but the choreographer of your unique dance.

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