I am the Change

Embrace Transformation for Personal Growth: Navigating Change in a Fast-Paced World

Our lives today are dominated by rapid growth and continuous change. To truly comprehend this, let’s examine change at a micro level.

Pause and Reflect: Discovering the Power of Thoughts

Take a break from your hectic life and find a serene place to sit. Observe your thoughts as they emerge and notice the speed at which they evolve. Achieving stability and letting go of your thoughts might not be easy in this context.

Realizing the Impact of Thoughts on Life and Growth

The world around us is molded by our thoughts. Every invention or creation began as someone’s thought. As thoughts constantly change, so does the world around us. To grow in life, assess your current situation and adapt your thoughts to contribute positively to the world.


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    “The power of thought is the foundation of all human-made creations.”

    Thoughts: Manifestations of Sensory Perceptions and Change

    Though the thinking process is a more recognizable change, it is worth noting that change is constantly occurring at subtler levels as well. Our thoughts may be influenced by these subtler changes. Essentially, thoughts are verbal expressions of our sensory perceptions – simply memory playing out at a certain level.

    Life as a Constant State of Change: Understanding the Evolution of Life

    A change is the very first phase of spurting out of the existence. Change is the primary aspect of existence, and it is this state of change that we call life. Life continues to unfold regardless of our thoughts, supported by the various changes occurring at both subtle and gross levels. Fundamentally, life is an ongoing process of transformation. What we consider dead is something that has ceased to change. Death, however, is a specific type of change – a state of relaxation from the constant flux.

    The Interplay of Change and the Changeless State: Balancing Life and Growth

    In the changeless state of nonexistence, a particular pattern of change occurred, eventually forming what we now know as life. This pattern of change is what we refer to as nature. In existence, every particle and process possess its unique nature. The direction of this change is known as the evolution of life.

    Ultimately, the changes at all levels will cancel each other out and return to the changeless state. Change is merely an event occurring within the embrace of the changeless state.

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