Core of mind – The Silent ocean

The Ever-Restless Mind: A Quest for Completion

There is a profound saying that resonates with the core of our existence, “Incomplete is always restless.” This restlessness applies not just to material objects but also to the vast expanse of our minds, especially when they are not brimming with knowledge. However, knowledge here is not about acquiring professional expertise in engineering, medicine, or commerce. It is not about external acquisition but internal realization and understanding.

Quieting the Mind: A Journey of Understanding

So how do we quell the constant turbulence of our minds? The answer lies in understanding, a profound comprehension of all that surrounds us. Yet, what encompasses this ‘everything’ that we seek to understand?

The Source of Everything: The ‘I’ within

Simply if you want to know alphabets, you will go for someone who knows alphabets. Now if you want to understand “everything” you have to go towards ‘I’. Because ‘I’ is the source of everything. Here, ‘I’ represents the realm of your mind, the source of your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.


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    Self-Observation: The Gateway to Mind Mastery

    To delve into the depths of your mind, there is one powerful tool at your disposal – Self Observation. Alongside the general information about the mind that you can gather externally, self-observation is your personal guide towards understanding the patterns and tendencies of your mind. It’s about cognizing how your mind reacts and adapts to specific situations, and whether this reaction aligns with your conscious decisions or merely replicates subconsciously ingrained patterns.

    By observing your mind, you decipher its tendencies and inclinations. You recognize whether your thought directions are of your own choosing or dictated by someone else’s influence that you’ve subconsciously adopted.

    Mind Mastery: The state of conscious

    When you comprehend your mind in such profound detail, it comes under your control. You hold the reins of its restlessness or tranquillity. It becomes your conscious decision to shape its state.

    The Silent Ocean: The Peaceful Mind

    Through this journey of understanding, self-observation, and mind mastery, we can transform our restless minds into a silent ocean – a core of peaceful existence. This silent ocean is not an absence of thought or emotion, but rather a state where our minds are completely understood, observed, and under our control, guiding us towards a life of conscious decision-making and serene existence. This is the art of mind mastery, the tranquillity we seek. This is the core of the mind – the silent ocean.

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