How to transcend your mind? How to live beyond limits?

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Content of Mind: Memory

See, what is going in your life. If you want to do something then first what will you do? First thing you will do is to think. Now if you have ever observed a little on how you make a decision, you will come to know that thinking process is one of the cause of every emerging compulsions.

Memory is always limited

Now let’s know how to think effectively? First bring your attention on the thing you want to do. The very first trap is here. You are giving input to your mind as per your past experiences and you will get a response as per your past experiences. That’s why you can’t think something which is out of your experience right now. The solution is to see the things as you are watching it for the first time and not as a seen thing. If you see the thing as an already seen, then the response you will get is from the past programming of your mind. In that way you won’t be able to see something new in the moment which you might be missing right now.


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    Transcending the Memory

    Once you have a practice of seeing things or getting imparted the inputs on a transparent clear slate of your mind; and not on distorted or cluttered slate filled with past limited experiences, you will get to know the wholeness of the moment or situation. It may happen gradually but you will see change in your your thoughts & feelings whatever small or big.

    You might need to take support of your past experiences having whatever compulsions to make a decision but the thing is you should not continue to be missing the wholeness of the moment which it actually carries. Otherwise what happens is, you and your feelings, thought process and everything will continue to become very limited & one day you will observe you are gotten trapped & frustrated in your experience itself because there is no way left letting you to transit from one moment to another smoothly & clearly. Or you might realize this at the time of a decision you needed to make. It will simply result in a frictious experience of life leading you into a natural trap. One day it will anyway break with a significant deformation in your life because simply it is becoming like a stoppage in the way of the flow of life. Then you will get to know new things suddenly & in a big volume at a time which you might not be able to handle at the moment.

    Experience life without memory

    But if you have this practice of seeing things with a clear slate of mind, then life will flow from you smoothly. Once the flow of life is flowing effortlessly and frictionless, you will get to know the things directly & not from the framework of your mind. Which will lead you to a clear & whole vision of the life gradually.

    So what we have done? We have broken the conditioning of your mind. By breaking this conditioning gradually a change after change you will permanently be transcended. That moment of a complete transcendence you will see the absolute wholeness of the moment.

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