It is Life, Life and Life only

Life in its Entirety: An Unending Symphony

At the very core, life is a multitude of experiences. A colorful tapestry woven from threads of joy and sorrow, righteousness and error, love and animosity. As you absorb these words, you’re living testimony to these experiences. There is no escaping these facets in life; they are part and parcel of this grand journey.

A Complete Experience: Embracing All Facets of Life

Indeed, to truly appreciate the depth and breadth of life, you must wholly embrace its kaleidoscope of experiences. Yet, the ultimate state of consciousness comes from recognizing that these are merely parts of life, not the entirety. Such an understanding, when grasped, puts you in a state of bliss, an elevated state beyond the everyday ebb and flow of emotions.

The Transcendent State: Rising Above the Mundane

In this transcendent state, you are not bound by any specific purpose. Living itself becomes the sole purpose, a joyful dance of existence devoid of limitations or conditions. You venture into the unexplored realms of ignorance, seeking to illuminate them with the light of knowledge.


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    The Observer: Living to Learn

    In this enlightened state, you become an observer of life, learning and growing from each moment, each experience. You open yourself to the possibility of gaining insights that previously eluded you. For, a life confined to the known is nothing but a jumbled mess.

    The Unknown and the Known

    As you sail this vast ocean called life, every ripple, every wave brings something new to the surface, something previously unknown. This constant unfolding is what makes life vibrant and exciting.

    We must venture beyond the shores of our comfort zone, the realm of the known, and embrace the uncertainty of the unknown. This journey, with its highs and lows, is what life truly is – a grand symphony of experiences. Life is not just one thing; it’s a multitude, it’s a cacophony, it’s a symphony, it’s an unending story. And to live it is to experience all its harmonies, its discords, and its silences. Life, in essence, is all about living. And thus everything whatever is happening is life, life, and life only.

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