What is the purpose of human life & how you can help humanity to go towards it? (Part 5 – Next steps for you)

Turning Inward – Experiencing the Full Range of the Body’s Layers

It is typical for individuals to form relationships or participate in business transactions in their everyday lives. This is because humans require external stimulation until they reach a stage where they are sufficiently stimulated from within. This can include actions such as eating, sleeping, sex, business, socializing, love, acquiring knowledge, and related activities. When a person attains a level of self-stimulation, they no longer need to seek it externally.

This is why we hear about ancient Rishis who would sit in one place for thousands of years without opening their eyes. They received enough input from within themselves, eliminating the need for external stimuli. This demonstrates how the system can regulate itself. Nature’s cycle began with boundless flexibility, progressed to specific rigidity, and then returned to limitless flexibility. This is the direction in which humanity is moving.

The Importance of Maturity in Your Current Life Stage

We often claim that when a person reaches maturity, they will seek more complex and advanced inputs. However, transitioning from one stage to another takes time, and many individuals never progress to another stage throughout their lives. The story of creation encompasses the narratives of all humans. Regardless of whether it is viewed as sacred or mundane, everyone’s experiences are unique, and they live according to their stage of development and what they can perceive and accomplish. In time, everyone will evolve, experiencing different stages of life until they eventually merge into the ultimate state of pleasantness, flexibility, or emptiness – the essence of life.


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    What Can You Do About It?

    Take a moment to examine your life, identify the core motivation behind your actions, and strive to satisfy that need before moving on to the next level. While you are living, you must address various concerns depending on your current stage until you reach a point where you no longer require anything. Even then, you must still meet the needs of those around you and adapt to different situations. However, when you are content within, managing external circumstances becomes much easier.

    The Sole Action You Can Take

    At present, reflect on your life, pinpoint the driving force, and fulfill it to move forward. In transactional life, those who have more can give, and those who have less can receive. There are numerous tactics for handling life’s transactions at various levels, whether they involve money, emotions, or social activities.

    A Glimmer of Hope at the End of the Tunnel

    The goal is to progress from one stage of life to another. If your current issues revolve around food or money, you can use different strategies and skills to obtain enough of both in transactional life. Everyone acquires these necessities in a similar manner. Strive for excellence in your current activities, as only by excelling can you transition to the next level. If you have experienced the pinnacle of your current life, you can envision a new level. So, whether you are involved in one or ten activities, do your best and continue to advance. This will allow you to naturally transition to the next stage of life and ultimately achieve the pleasantness that everyone seeks – the highest stage of any human’s life.

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