What is the purpose of human life & how we can help humanity to go towards it? (Part 4)

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The Global Collective Evolution: A Journey Towards Ultimate Pleasantness

The world’s collective evolution is an ongoing process that seeks to achieve a sense of ultimate pleasantness for all. By understanding the stages of this evolution and the ultimate desire of humans, we can work towards creating a more harmonious world. This article explores the concept of global collective evolution, the stages it goes through, and the ultimate goal shared by all human beings.

Collective Evolution and Human Development

The way our world is currently managed, with various systems and rules on macro and micro levels, is designed to maintain our basic needs and physical existence, both for ourselves and for everyone else. We all require certain essentials in order to live in a specific manner. It’s crucial that we understand this, as we often become lost in the very systems we’ve created to survive in this world. There’s a lack of direction in terms of where our world is headed and how our management systems should be guided. This uncertainty affects countries, territories, communities, and individuals alike, with nobody certain of how to live in a way that promotes peace for everyone.


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    This situation represents another phase of evolution—a collective evolution. Similar to how individuals transition from one understanding and perception of life to another, the world, as a collective entity, experiences its own cumulative evolutionary stages. The current stage is characterized by the central and majority interests of the world’s inhabitants, which influences how the system operates. After all, humans are the ones who manage these systems. As a whole, the world will undergo the same stages of evolution and maturity as individuals do, beginning with a primary focus on food, sleep, and security, followed by desires for pleasure and power. Next comes an emphasis on a thoughtful and compassionate environment, enabling everyone to fully express their emotions. This then leads to a search for the meaning of life and an exploration of nature’s ways, ultimately resulting in a shared understanding of life’s ultimate goal: to live in harmony with nature, experiencing the ultimate in pleasantness and liberating oneself from human desires.

    The systems we have in place are fragmented, with divisions among countries, states, communities, societies, and families. The notion of family, society, and community, whether in terms of money or relationships, reflects different evolutionary stages, and individuals live their lives according to their own stage of evolution. What they experience internally and observe in their immediate surroundings determines how they live.

    The Ultimate Desire of All Humans: Effortless Pleasantness

    The natural progression for all humans is to move from a state of effort to effortlessness and from boredom to pleasantness. To achieve this while living in the world, we must be mindful of the needs of others, as they should be of ours, in order to maintain the system.

    In most cases, relationships, whether within a family or between two individuals, are based on reciprocity: we are together because we both benefit from the relationship. This dynamic influences our behavior and interactions with one another, and any change may alter the balance and mutual atmosphere.

    Regardless of their stage of evolution, if humans don’t satisfy their inner needs or respond to nature’s internal prompts, they won’t remain in a given situation. Instead, they’ll seek change. This applies to relationships, business, employment, finances, and social interactions—everyone aspires to reach a state where they no longer need or have to do anything, and can simply exist in ultimate pleasantness. People yearn to live every moment in a state of ultimate pleasure or experience.

    The driving force behind human actions is an internal push towards ultimate pleasantness without cause. We all wish to experience pleasantness without having to do anything to achieve it. This goal is shared by all human beings, every species in the universe, every particle of creation, and the entirety of existence itself: to dwell in causeless, ultimate pleasantness and ecstasy.

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