What is the purpose of human life & how we can help humanity to go towards it? (Part 1)

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The Universal and Experiential Dimensions of Human Life

The purpose of human life can be viewed from different perspectives, each offering unique insights into the nature of our existence. This article explores the universal and experiential dimensions of human life, delving into the processes of creation and evolution to uncover the deeper meaning of our experiences.

The Universal Purpose of Human Life

From a universal standpoint, we can observe the origins of the universe and the process of creation, which unfolded from a state of nothingness. The emergence of various celestial entities and life forms, including humans, can be seen as part of a larger cycle that ultimately returns to its starting point. This cosmic cycle encompasses the development of all species, with humans representing the most advanced life form currently known. So in that way, the creation which just started from nothingness is just again going back to nothingness. This is a simple cycle.

The Experiential Purpose of Human Life

But in another way look at it in experiential terms; there are different levels of experience happens in human body when the consciousness of human evolves from one stage to another stage. So just like how creation happened from one state to another stage from nothingness to different celestial happenings and then after further differentiation of energy in certain structure small particles came to existence and then when there remain no further enough the energy to again splash and make further small particles. Since then the small particles started to join each other. So what happened is when the creation was started, the direction force or the push was from inside out. The higher potential energy started splashing to each other and the it just making smaller and smaller particles; till the time reached that there is no for the enough potential remain in the state of energy so it can for the space and make smaller particles. So it just remained like a wave particle dual nature. It never went further. So now what happened is another push from outside in started to act.

It’s like we are just stretching the rubber band and after a certain limit rubber band cannot stretch further and it starts to constrict. In the process of creation similar process is just happening automatically, just like a phenomenon. So when these small wave-particles undifferentiated started to join each other, different combinations of things happened. And when the first group of particles joined each other, that was the beginning of making of the species which has this energy inside it. Just like the quarks joined each other and made atomic particles. So those are just particles we can say it as a being having the energy inside behaving in a certain way. So when this more and more particles joined each other and different more than more complex systems made, the systems started behaving different at different stages at different complexity.


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    Physical evolution of all species and Human beings

    So when it comes to Physical evolution after joining all the particles and making of more and more complex systems, the final form happened was of human being. There is no further evolution happened on the level of physical body which is more advanced than human on this planet. Now these each different species experience the creation in its own different way. Like, how Amoeba experiences is this creation, how fish experiences is this creation, how tree experiences this creation. How all other animals experience this creation, then how human experience is this creation. It’s all different. Even when the physical evolution of the species came to peak; just like how the energy reached to state that no further differentiation of particle was possible and it started to constrict back to the original state, so when the making of a human body came to a stage that is no further sufficient energy remained which can make further complex system. So when it comes to human being ideally all human beings should experience the creation in the same way because everyone has a common body. But here it’s a one little tweak due to which made all the science of spirituality, which is just an extension out of the all materialist behavior of all human beings.

    Experiential evolution of Human beings and The Science of Spirituality

    When it comes to human beings, there are stages of experience one goes through and it is irreversible in a way. Even in all animal species, in all other species no two animal experiences the creation in the same way. So one is physical evolution other is evolution on the level of experience. Physically maybe everyone is equally having all the necessary functions in the system but when it comes to experience it evolves. Even in the life of every animal how they born and a experience, how it is the passes time and experience life and how further in old age how it experience life it all differs stage by stage. So what is making this difference in human being? Let’s look at this, that for any animal or any other species than human being the complexity of system is such a way that inlet and outlet of any stimulus happens in a certain way. There is limited flexibility in the system. But when it comes to human being there is a fixation of how stimulus comes to human being at certain stage of life (from five senses) but there is one end is always unlimitedly flexible; as how the stimulus can process inside and how it can make changes to the system.

    The Five Layers of Creation and Human Perception

    The creation happened from five different layers of matter we say it is earth, water, fire, air and space. These all represents certain rigidity of creation to certain fluidity of creation or Grossness to the subtleness. When we say how a human look at life, it also ranges from certain rigidity to certain fluidity. The way we look at life, in the same way we experience life. Universally, humans are part of the cycle of creation that begins and ends with nothingness. Experientially, human life is characterized by a vast array of experiences and perceptions, which allow us to explore and evolve throughout our existence. By understanding these dimensions, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of human life and the interconnected nature of all creation.

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