What is spirituality?

This discussion is exclusively for those who are seeking the very purpose of life.

The Multifaceted Structure of Life

When we say life, fundamentally the structure of life is on many levels. It ranges from gross to subtle. From physical to no-thingness.

For instance, life manifests itself in the form of the earth, solar systems, galaxies, super clusters, cosmic webs, multiverses, and eventually, it transcends into empty space.

Delving Deeper into the Subtleties of Life

When we go subtler, life consists of atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, photons, fundamental particles, strings, and ultimately, it concludes in the same empty space. The primary states of matter include earth, water, fire, air, and eventually, empty space.

As human beings, we are an amalgamation of all these five states of matter. We experience these states in a myriad of ways – through our physical body, mind, emotions, and energy. Furthermore, we internally experience states of living such as being awake, dreaming, deep sleep, and ultimately, being witness of all these states.

Understanding Human Perception

The very fact that you are reading this implies that you have the ability to comprehend the words written here. What I mean to convey is that we, as human beings – the most evolved species on planet earth – are in a continuous state of experiencing something. This could be during our waking state, dream state, or deep sleep state, we are perceiving through our senses. This act of perceiving differs among beings. Consequently, our human perception is confined to our senses, like every other being.


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    Limitations and Realizations

    We all know that we can hear, see, touch, taste and smell between some frequencies. It is applied for every senses and for every beings. Therefore, the knowledge acquired through these senses is confined to the limitations of the senses. However, the one who perceives through all senses or beings is the same. So, who is this perceiver? who is the knower? Who are you?

    The Pursuit of Self-Realization: Spirituality

    Understanding the knower, who perceives through your body as well as through every other being, and recognizing the subtlest and core part of your experiences – “Who am I, experiencing all this?” – marks the inception of spirituality. This pursuit of knowledge forms both the beginning and end of the process of realization. This journey towards self-realization is what spirituality is all about. The state of this realization is called Yoga.

    The Journey Towards Enlightenment

    This individual journey of perception, from the gross to the subtle, is a unique and personal experience. Although external guidance may prove to be beneficial, the journey towards enlightenment is highly personal. It has to be strived, experienced and realized by and within individuals only.

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