What is right understanding? How to understand in right way?

Unlocking the Key to Right Understanding: Mastering the Art of Perception

The Importance of Right Understanding in Everyday Life

The question of how to understand a situation or concept in the right way is critical, yet often overlooked. While everyone has their own understanding of things, it frequently leads to misunderstandings rather than right understanding.

Understanding and common sense share a close relationship, differing mainly in perspective. The central issue is determining the correct way to understand and apply common sense.


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    Identifying Your Role and Elevating Your Perspective for Better Understanding

    The first step in achieving right understanding is identifying your role in the present situation, such as a parent, child, friend, boss, business person, husband or wife etc. Your role is determined by your memories, as roles are essentially a product of memory.

    Once you’ve identified your role, elevate it one step higher. For example, if your role is that of a son or daughter, raise it to the level of a human being. Now, view the situation from a human perspective, not from the perspective dictated by your memories or specific role. This allows you to see things as they are, without the influence of memory.

    Breaking Free from Duality for Clearer Perception

    When you view a situation through the lens of memory, you often become trapped in duality, making decisions based on ideas of good or bad, profit or loss. To achieve right understanding, it’s crucial to rise above this dualistic mindset. Living life with a human-centered perspective is sufficient for fostering right understanding.

    Embracing Right Understanding and its Impact on Decision-Making

    The key to right understanding or common sense is to recognize your role in a situation and then move beyond it. This doesn’t guarantee that your decisions will lead to the desired outcome, as situations are beyond our control. However, our decisions are within our control. By making the right decisions, we increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

    Understanding is a complex concept, and the role of a human being is only one part of the larger picture. Further exploration is needed to delve deeper into this critical topic.

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