Way of Relationship – Pouring the self

True relationships are grounded in selflessness, a mutual surrender of oneself for the other. A genuine relationship is not a vehicle to extract benefits or pursue individual gain. Rather, it is about becoming whole by immersing ourselves completely in the other person, reaching the ultimate zenith of a relationship.

The Essence of Relationships: Being for Each Other

At the heart of a relationship is a mutual understanding and acceptance, being there for one another. This means truly seeing ourselves reflected in the other person, acknowledging our shared experiences and feelings.

Such a level of bonding is achievable only when we realize that the experiencer within us – the one who feels emotions, sensations, thoughts, and experiences through our bodies and minds – is the same experiencer present within every other person.


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    The Pitfalls of Modern Relationships: Transactional Bonding

    Regrettably, many modern relationships seem to operate like business transactions, based on mutual benefits. Such relationships, however, fall short in creating an ultimate bond, one that transcends superficial exchanges and reaches deep into shared experiences and understanding.

    Achieving Ultimate Bonding: Realizing Shared Essence

    The key to cultivating this ultimate bond lies in our awareness of our shared essence. When we understand that our essence is no different from that of others, a profound bonding can occur.

    In this extraordinary union, we lose ourselves in the other. We merge with our better half, and with everyone and everything around us.

    Such a relationship, where you experience an unparalleled unity, is when you are truly full-fledged, deeply connected, and profoundly satisfied. Living such a relationship is an enriching journey, an ultimate achievement in life.

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