The only reason to live Life

Delving into the Core of Existence

In our journey today, we shall navigate through and graze the most profound dimension of life – one that lacks meaning and is seemingly futile. However, if we do not engage with it, our existence becomes meaningless in itself. Let’s ponder over the question: “Why are we living life?”

The Incessant Pursuit: Conscious or Unconscious

There is something that relentlessly pulls and compels us to live. Whether we are aware or unaware, it becomes the sole reason for our existence once we’ve transcended our ego-driven motives. We came into this experience called life without choice; it wasn’t in our control. However, to discover what we are perpetually seeking, knowingly or unknowingly, demands understanding, and that is within our grasp.

Yes, approaching this enigma is within our capabilities, but comprehending it requires wisdom. We must recognize the singular reason that all beings, in harmony with nature, are in pursuit of, consciously or unconsciously.

Unveiling the Essence: Love

The answer is Love. Love, in its unadulterated form, possesses the ability to rise above our self-centered objectives. Love encompasses all that you might seek through self-indulgence, but such motives alone lack the potency to embrace love. Love is boundless; it may reside within the confines of survival but is not confined to it. It offers an incomparable depth of contentment that humans relentlessly chase. To attain this, one must relinquish purpose-driven paths and embark upon the pathless trail of comprehension – comprehending life in its raw form, grasping its inherent meaninglessness. Our attempts to ascribe meaning to life, our very existence, restrict us from experiencing the deepest satisfaction achievable by mankind.


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    The Meaninglessness and the Flow of Life

    When you fathom that the very wellspring of life is devoid of meaning, an epiphany occurs. The life source, perpetuating an endless and beginningless continuity, lacks intrinsic meaning. Through introspection and understanding life, you discern that love is the sole, genuine reason to live. When you perceive life through an existential lens, it becomes effortless to transcend the shackles of ego-driven pursuits and thoughts. You rise above these self-centric deeds and become an integral fragment of life itself.

    Merging with Life: The Boundless Being

    Suddenly, the ego, the self-center, morphs into an element of life. You find yourself unbounded, even in thought. You are the very essence of life, and love becomes your sole expression. Understanding, as crucial as it is, ceases to hold significance in living life. It is merely a medium to approach love, but it is not love in itself. Love can only be experienced; it cannot be encapsulated or depicted. Everything transforms into life, and love evolves as the expression of life. Consequently, love and life amalgamate into a non-dual entity.

    The Symbiosis of Love and Life

    You can no longer separate or differentiate between the two; their existence becomes interdependent. They are inextricable. Love is in service of life, and life is in service of love. This symbiosis, this unity, transcends human comprehension and manifests as the core essence of our existence. It is the ethereal and quintessential truth that binds every fabric of our being. In this union, in this sacred dance of love and life, lies the ultimate reason for our existence. Through love, we become life, and through life, we become love.

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