The Eternal Dance of Energy and Time: Synchronization with Cosmic Rhythm within

In the world we live in, there’s a fascinating link between energy and time that affects our daily lives. By understanding and using the relationship between energy and time, you can take part in this natural process. This post explores the mystical science behind the interplay of energy and time, and how, as conscious beings, we can harness this cosmic rhythm within ourselves to lead to a heightened state of awareness and fulfilment in life.

Understanding Experience

To begin our journey, let us delve into understanding what is ‘experience.’ Experience is an intrinsic element of life and signifies the continuum from one moment to the next. The experience is a kind of union between microcosm and macrocosm, the inner and outer. That certain level of union gives us sense of experience established in THIS moment. When you be in your present moment experience in the state of total acceptance, you essentially give permission for your mind and being to enable this continuation. This signifies that ‘you’ are present in this moment, and you will transition into the next. This connection leaves you in a state of emptiness, or an abundantly energized state, giving rise to an uninhibited flow of energy within you.

The State of Emptiness and Receptivity

This connection transcends beyond the tangible and immerses you in a state of emptiness which should not be mistaken for void or nothingness. Instead this emptiness reflects a state of boundless potential and abundant energy, primed to absorb the forthcoming moments. It’s an openness that gives rise to an uninhibited flow of energy within you. You become a vessel, primed to receive, with an openness that gives rise to an unimpeded flow of energy within you. This receptivity is a form of acceptance that enables the integration of various forms of energies.

The Cosmic Energy and the Cycle of Creation

Everything in cosmos; material or non-material, is cosmic energy. It is just that material energy is having attributes and non-material energy having no attributes. The presence of attribute it-self is making energy material or physical or non-material or non-physical. Energy without attributes with highest density was primordial state of universe before creation. Once fracture in that state of atttributless energy began, the creation of the universe (i.e. energy with attributes) started. In between the creation there is still energy without any attributes is present (which is called higgs boson – the god particle) which is giving mass effect to the energy with attributes. The direction of cosmic energy is from highest dense attributeless energy to the most fractured lowest dense energy with attributes; to back in original state which is primordial state of universe. Cycle of creation of physical universe from nonphysical –sustainance of physicality of energy & destruction of physical universe to non-physical state of universe; the fundamental cyclical nature of universe; a cosmic rhythm that is inherent to the universe.

Creation of Space-Time

The fundamental relationship between energy and time forms the very basis of our existence. Looking at the Fundamental field of energy of the universe, when there is a difference in the structure of density of the structure of the field, space comes to existence & so time.

The fundamental field of Time (or space) isn’t rigid; the fundamental field of energy goes into the states varying density, causing the field to bend or fluctuate. This dynamic relationship birthed the fabric of space (time) as energy density diverges. But density difference gives birth to first imbalance, resulting in deformation in the former homogeneous state. That’s what we call as bending of time or curvature of space. Infact that’s what gravity is & that’s what further making the matter and material universe. Just curvature of space-time is being more and more stuffed and layered which what we call material.

Space & time can’t be separated. Both are the product of the same fundamental field of energy. The divergence between high and low densities manifests as coordinates in space. Unlike in homogeneous and properly balanced structure of fundamental field in universe, there is no difference of any kind, it is just single uniform structure.


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    Space and Time: A Reciprocal Relationship

    Let’s see it this way, consider space as substance of energy and time as specific state of energy having density gradient. Energy and time share a reciprocal bond. In an abstract realm where energy is absolute, time ceases to exist; conversely, when time is absolute, energy is non-existent. Absolute energy and absolute time are mirror reflections; however, time bends, causing variations in energy density. This disparity gives birth to space as energy density differs; high and low densities denote two points in space. Without this difference, it’s just one continuum of space-time. In the living reality, there is a blend of both energy and time in varying proportions. You, the sentient being, navigate through this interplay. When not energized, you are still full; when energized, you can maintain stillness if you can adeptly handle this energy; if not, you may lose control.

    You and energy are reciprocally connected in physical situations and from the physical level of understanding. Time embodies the presence, while energy characterizes the void or empty space. Time is akin to the fabric, and energy is the substance that fills it. Consequently, creation is an amalgamation of both these elements.

    This fundamental universal field of energy, referred to by many names including aether, vacuum, zero-point field, or quantum foam, influences the manifestation of natural phenomena at various scales. From the spin of atoms and galaxies to weather systems, everything is shaped by the fluctuations in this omnipresent energy field.

    When space-time is flat, our perception is that time moves slowly. Conversely, when space-time bends due to variations in the density of the aether, our experience is that time moves rapidly. This dynamic can be likened to natural phenomena where different scales of spin manifest through variations in energy density, such as the behaviour of atoms, stars, galaxies, and weather systems. Essentially, when energy density is high, time seems contracted, while low energy density gives the sensation of time lengthening.

    Handling Energy with Finesse

    The entire spectrum of time harbors less energy at a given moment. As time stretches, energy disperses across this span. When time contracts, energy at a particular moment escalates, subject to the quantity of the timespan. It’s essential to manage time and energy sagaciously, balancing them according to each moment’s existential significance.

    The Self: A Continuum in the Vast Cosmic Ocean

    Our lives are experienced as a series of connected moments (Infact it is just same moment in every point of time, it is just state of space-time changes that what we refer to as different moments). Each moment is a reflection of our state of being. To truly comprehend and make the most of our existence, it is essential to give importance of our present moment as of it is just our entire lifetime right now. This can be achieved by maintaining an intense focus and longing, transcending the physical limitations of our experience. Through this unrelenting focus, we become akin to a steadfast ship upon which the waves of existence cannot exert their will. In this state, nature itself is at a loss as to how to sway us, and thus we gain control over our destiny.

    The experience of you, a continuation from one moment to the next, forms the basis of life. To tether your present moment to a lifetime means creating a longing that surpasses physicality and intensely focuses on the present. By existing in this state of absorption, we transcend the physical realm, experiencing the entirety of life in every moment and making each moment as significant as a lifetime.

    Energizing the Self: A Conscious Act

    Our bodies can be viewed as a dynamic interplay of energies There exists a fundamental substance, an attributeless energy or fabric of space-time. This fundamental substance of existence is the source of our potential. As the density of this attributeless energy increases, it can be said to be energizing. Within our body and mind, if we maintain a state of non-identification, refraining from holding beliefs or biases, and simply exist in a state of blankness where no energy is expended, the density of energy naturally enhances within the body. By not spending energy on biases or identifications and focusing on a state of equanimity or blankness, the energy density will automatically rise. As we cultivate this energy, we can create a difference in potential energy levels within ourselves and between ourselves and our surroundings. This heightened state, where energy is conserved, is the energized state of self. It resembles a vessel being filled, preparing for a voyage across the cosmic sea.

    Total state of acceptance or Total state of restrain

    Once you get this state, naturally you will feel something intensifies within. The energy will rise within. Now, this can be felt as either total state of abandoning of yourself by accepting the flow of life whatever is coming in your way. Or you can restrain to absorb the flow of life. Either you are in state of total acceptance or you are in state of total restrain. This indicates either life is flowing through you and influencing you totally or you are influencing the flow of life respectively. Total acceptance will leave you in a symphonical state of being and total restrain will leave in a potent state of being. Both has different nature of behaviour energy within.

    If you want to flow with life and know the nature of it, you can be in total state of acceptance.

    If you want to change the life around you, you can be in state of restrain. In doing so, you express a determination to modify the present moment as if it carries the gravity of your entire existence. In this state, you align the present moment with the continuum of your life, charging it with the intensity of boundless potential. You express an intent to alter the present moment to perpetuate its existence. You’ve linked this present moment to your entire lifetime as if this moment holds the weight of an entire lifetime. It is a proclamation of “now or never.”

    As a living entity, you are naturally progressing to the next moment, directed by the rhythm of the time-energy mixture orchestrated by nature’s cycles. So, when you reject the present and embrace the lifetime, you are empowered to alter the present moment.

    Transferring Energy

    Once energized, you have the capability to transfer this energy. You can transfer this energy to yourself or others, including expressions, fellow humans, or any space.

    Just as in physics, the concept of potential difference is crucial for energy transference. This fundamental concept from physics also applies in the realm of energy within and around us.  Higher density energy naturally flows towards regions of lower energy density. By consciously cultivating an energized state, we create potential differences within ourselves and between ourselves and the surrounding environment. This transformative flow enables personal growth and change, bridging the gap between our internal and external environments. This can either be facilitated by action through body, mind or energy.

    At the energy level, the present moment of any being is homogeneous throughout the cosmos. Energy transfers autonomously by assessing the potential difference, and this is perpetually occurring whether you are conscious of it or not. It naturally transfers to create an equanimous state.

    Harnessing Energy Through Volition: Art of Willingness

    Your will is a powerful tool in manipulating energy states. Through conscious choices and intentions, you can alter the flow and state of energy within you. This, in turn, has an impact on your experiences and your surroundings. One simple technique to maintain the flow of energy within the body is Pranayama. Certain kriya practices offer ways to create effects in your experiences and surroundings by altering the state of energy within you. While we can cultivate higher energy densities compared to our immediate surroundings, we cannot surpass the primordial density of the universe.

    Occult Practices: An Ancient Science

     Willingness is an embodiment of the potential difference created. In the occult, this understanding is pivotal. Sometimes, physical substances are utilized to create a potential difference, attracting certain qualities of energy. While they can offer profound insights and control over one’s own energy, it’s important to approach them with caution, as they can also lead to unintended consequences.

    Dancing with Cosmic Energy

    In your interaction with energies, there is an intrinsic difference between your energy and the cosmic energy. When you accept and embrace the full spectrum of time, cosmic energy, being at a higher potential, cascades upon you and reverberates through you as limitless bliss. In this state, you become tranquil and equanimous, the boundaries fade, and you become one with the cosmic rhythm. Here and now merge into a singularity

    Conversely, the same energy can also reverberate through the rejection of the moment as a need for energy to flow away from you to transform or overwhelm the moment. However, this depends on the magnitude of the potential difference you’ve generated.

    To summon the entirety of cosmic energy, you must attain a state of emptiness and devote the significance of an entire lifetime to that particular moment. Even in this state of equanimity, you can manipulate energy densities at will without altering the state significantly.

    Synchronizing with the Cosmic Dance

    Our existence is a dance between energy and time, a symphony that forms the basis of our living experience. By understanding the interplay between these elements and learning to harness the cosmic rhythm within, we can transform our lives and experience an elevated state of existence. The journey towards self-discovery and growth lies in realizing our innate connection to the cosmic energy and the fabric of space-time.

    By understanding the science and art to control the energy, embracing the present moment, and harnessing the infinite, we can synchronize ourselves with the cosmic rhythm. Through conscious cultivation, we become not mere spectators, but rather, graceful dancers in the eternal ballet of the cosmos.

    This eternal dance between energy and time is an interplay that, when mastered, empowers us to control and manage the energy within our bodies, experiencing life in a more energized state. In this journey of self-discovery and growth, the realization of our innate connection to the cosmic energy and the fabric of space-time is a step towards enlightenment and fulfillment.

    It is my wish and my blessings that you all step onto this cosmic stage, dance with grace, poise, and unwavering focus on the eternal rhythm that guides our steps.

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