The Drama in Life

The Unraveling of Life’s Drama

Life often presents itself as an intricate drama, with our problems often emerging from our identification with aspects we don’t inherently embody. These problems aren’t inherently good or bad – they are simply acts in the grand play of life.

The Dichotomy of Desirable and Undesirable

Consider this – there are events in your life that are pleasing and desired, and you want them to occur. These events are seen as beneficial. Conversely, there are happenings that you find unpleasant and undesirable, and you wish to avoid them. These are perceived as detrimental. The issue arises when you desire only beneficial events from every direction of my life. This is a predicament we all face, isn’t it? It’s an issue you can relate to, irrespective of your circumstances.

Identifying the Problem: Our Fixed Identifications

Now let’s delve into the roots of this problem. Perception of a situation as good or bad emerges from fixed identification with that situation. This could relate to your profession, your roles in various relationships (such as being a son, father, mother, sister, husband, wife, and so on), or even more profoundly, your identity as a human being. These are our life’s identifications, the conditionings we live with. Identification, in essence, is a collection of memories we believe to be true.


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    Beyond Identifications: The Act of Life

    Imagine this – if you were to shed all these identifications, would there be anything good or bad left? If you could rise above every identification, what would remain? Only the act of life itself, which is neither good nor bad. Whenever you find yourself entangled in notions of good and bad, understand that you are ensnared in some form of identification.

    Consider a cat failing to catch a mouse. Is it a failure for the cat? Not at all. It’s merely an act of life, a testament to survival fitness. Can the cat lose hope or feel miserable? Absolutely not.

    The Unity of Existence: We Are Nature

    Understand this, we are no different from the cat or any other creature in the universe. Our expressions might vary due to our senses, but at our core, we are the same. The only difference is that humans stand at a higher level of evolutionary scale.

    In truth, no act of life can touch us. Why, you might ask? Because you are the very act of nature. Yes, you are nature itself. If you get this one thing, you can easily sail across any act of life.

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