Relationship – Pouring Love Part: 1

Relationship Dynamics

In contemplating the nature of relationships, we must come to the realization that at their core, relationships revolve around a dynamic exchange or transaction. This transaction is the lifeline of the relationship. If we disrupt or end this transaction, we can effectively call it a break-up.

To delve deeper, the state of dynamic transaction can be understood as the essence of a relationship. What we must seek to comprehend is the nature of this transaction. A straightforward interpretation might suggest a process where you offer something of yourself to others or accept something from others. This is what constitutes a transaction.

The Varied Dimensions of Transactions in Relationships

In every kind of relationship, transactions occur in manifold ways and on multiple levels, spanning from the gross material to the subtler. These transactions can operate on the physical plane or exist within the realm of thoughts, emotions, or energy, thereby creating a spectrum that extends from the tangible to the intangible.


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    The Strength of Relationships and Love

    If the relationship with another person is strong, it might be inappropriate to claim that “I am in love.” Instead, you might assert that you have succeeded in nurturing and preserving the relationship. What then is the driving force behind relationships? It boils down to the fulfillment of expectations. If you meet the expectations of the other person, then you are likely to have a more successful relationship. Thus, it becomes essential for you to determine whose expectations you can meet and what kind of expectations you are capable of fulfilling.

    Love as a Non-Transactional Entity

    While it might be tempting to label the exchange within relationships as a “transaction of love,” such a notion would be inaccurate. Love is distinct from relationships and exists on a different plane.

    So, what exactly is love? Love thrives where there are no expectations. The presence of expectations ushers in the realm of relationships. When you claim to be in love with someone, it implies a dissolution of your ego, an utterance that declares, “I am completely yours.” Love is an act of self-surrender; it is the act of pouring oneself into the other. Love transcends the concept of a relationship as a relationship necessitates the existence of two individuals.

    Transitioning Towards Part 2

    As we navigate through the complex labyrinth of relationships and love, it becomes evident that they are not one and the same but represent distinct entities with their own unique attributes. Understanding these nuances forms the foundation of maintaining a successful relationship and cultivating true love.

    Navigate to the Part 2 of this exploration, “Way of Relationship – Pouring the self,” to delve deeper into these complexities and unravel more about the intriguing dynamics of love and relationships.

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