Nature’s Momentum: An Exploration into Natural Propulsion

Living Life in Harmony with its Natural Flow

The art of living lies in understanding the mechanics of life and then aligning ourselves with these natural processes. Much like a car that needs petrol to move, our bodies and minds require basic essentials to function, propelling us through the course of life. These essentials become the primary aim of our existence, grounding us in our day-to-day living.

Importance of Fulfilling Basic Requirements

The pursuit of happiness and satisfaction often leads us astray from this fundamental truth. We become entangled in the belief that our main problem stems not from our basic needs but from our quest for a higher degree of comfort and convenience. However, it’s critical to realize that once our basic necessities are met, no further requirements exist at the basic level for life to continue.


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    The Pitfall of Seeking Perfection

    Our pursuit of life does not end with the fulfillment of our basic necessities. It’s human nature to set up increasingly complex frameworks to meet these basic needs in more refined ways. However, this quest for perfection is endless and transient. This temporary attainment of perfection will always remain just that, temporary. By chasing this fleeting sense of perfection, we risk losing sight of the underlying essence from which this yearning for perfection springs.

    Understanding this through experience is essential. For instance, when our basic needs are met, we need to shift our focus to the next level.

    Identifying the Fundamental Longing

    If we wish to address this innate longing within us, we must look beyond our basic needs. It’s not uncommon to get caught in the loop of achieving perfection in increasingly smoother ways without ever realizing true perfection. While there’s nothing inherently wrong in striving for perfection, it can lead to a never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction, with no substantial achievement.

    Understanding the Unique Nature of Human Life

    As humans, our life functions differently than any other species, not just on a societal level, but fundamentally. Without understanding how life works for us as human beings, we cannot put an end to the universal longing that all humans share on some level.

    Finding this process and working diligently towards it should be our goal if we are genuinely interested in knowledge and growth. By doing so, we will undoubtedly tap into an inexhaustible source of expansion, realizing reality in its truest form.

    The Infinite Expansion of Reality

    The journey to understanding the reality of life is one of constant discovery and adaptation. The momentum of nature, or the ‘Natural Propeller,’ as it is referred to, is a powerful force that drives life. The key to harmoniously coexisting with this force lies in our ability to adapt and evolve, continually expanding our understanding of reality.

    Living in harmony with the natural propulsion of life is not just about survival; it’s about growth, expansion, and realization. It’s about finding the source of infinite expansion and allowing ourselves to become one with it.

    In the grand scheme of things, the purpose of our existence extends beyond the fulfillment of our basic needs. It is about transcending these needs and tapping into the infinite potential of life. It’s about realizing that we are an integral part of the natural propulsion of life, and only by understanding this can we truly live life the way it works.

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