Love in manifestation of the human being which cannot be named

The Pinnacle of Human Expression: Nameless Love

Let’s consider the quintessence of human expression. What’s the most remarkable thing a human can achieve? What does it mean to live a human life to its fullest extent? The answer is both simple and profound. It is love.

Love: Dissolving of the Self

Love is so deep and encompassing that it demands the dissolution of the entire human mind. When the mind retreats from the known, from the tangible, that’s when we can truly begin to love limitlessly. Without such surrender, love risks becoming an exercise in self-interest. When specific objectives come between two individuals, selfishness inevitably creeps in.


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    The Transactional World vs. Love

    Yes, in our transactional world, a certain level of self-interest is necessary for survival. However, that’s not the love we’re talking about here. We’re discussing a love that transcends self-interest, surpasses the limitations of the mind, and dissolves the distance between beings. This love is our true formless nature.

    Beyond the Ego: The Path to Full-fledged Living

    When forms arise, the mind awakens, objectives manifest, and we’re drawn into a cycle of suffering. To live life to the fullest, we must understand life in its totality. Only then can we genuinely love one another. Otherwise, life becomes a tiresome game of hidden intentions.

    The Unity of Dualities

    In this game, victory and defeat are merely two sides of the same coin. When you start to perceive dualities—like good and evil, right and wrong—as a unified whole, you are living a full-fledged life. That unified understanding is love. This love is our most sublime manifestation, a timeless symphony of human connection, unfettered by name or form. It is our highest calling and the true essence of our being.

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