Leave the illusory world and Start to live in reality

Let’s delve into an exploratory discourse on what it means to truly live in reality and how we can navigate ourselves away from the grasp of the illusory world.

The Dance of Life

Our life, every minute of every day, is filled with ceaseless activity. But have you ever paused to question the foundation of these actions? They are shaped, by our thoughts and beliefs. It is through these very lenses that we perceive reality, and inadvertently, these perceptions fabricate our illusory world. Let’s not misunderstand here – the action based on thoughts is not incorrect, but restricting our actions solely to thoughts is where we deviate. So, the question now is, how should we engage in any activity?

Unfurling the Knots of Perception: The Leap from Thought to Action

Before embarking on any venture, it’s crucial to gather knowledge and cultivate a deep understanding of the task. Then, instead of focusing solely on the end goal, let’s direct our energies on the process – the actual ‘thing.’


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    Beyond Words: Confronting the Illusion

    But why is it so? Here’s why: When we work towards a goal, we are essentially working towards a word, a thought. And remember, a thought is nothing more than information. So, in essence, thinking is a play of words. However, let’s not forget, a word is not the object it signifies. The world woven out of words alone is illusory, an illusion in itself.

    The Symphony of Reality: From Perception to Action

    After untying these knots of thought and word, the true nature of work emerges. It is underpinned by ‘perception followed by action.’ This is what it means to live in reality.

    So, let’s embark on this journey from illusion to reality. Let’s challenge our notions, see through the misleading facade of words, and embrace the palpable experiences. Let’s appreciate the task at hand rather than obsessing over the end result, thus allowing reality to enter our lives, sweeping away the illusory world. This journey towards reality, guided by perception leading to action, brings us closer to the genuine essence of life. After all, life is not about the destination but the journey and the wisdom we gain from it. Let’s ensure that this journey is spent in reality rather than illusion. Because, when we truly understand the reality, we become one with it.

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