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Sustainable lifestyle is all about quality of your experience

So what we meant from our question initially “Which lifestyle suits the nature of your body-mind”, is to induce a certain type of resultant experience by a certain movement within & around the body on all the levels of existence which ultimately results in a least resistance between each surrounding movements.

Resistance of any kind results in more friction. More friction between two layers of energy means more depreciation of energy. In such situation there are more chances of getting the energy layers non-aligned to each other. Once non-alignment happens, it will bring imbalance at one point & then subsequently to the whole system.

Balance and Imbalance in Body-mind

Then it will become a perpetual system of imbalance causing further imbalance. Once this imbalance happens the system of body-mind always tries to bring it back to balance due to certain inbuilt survival instincts. Now it may take any shape of compulsion physical or mental to adjust the system back to balance. Such compulsions we can see as certain chronic habits or any addiction to certain things. Once we do that to which we are addicted it will bring the system back to balance for some time.

But as we see the imbalance is something from inside, so it can’t be cured from something outside. It can just postpone the inner momentum of imbalance for some time.

But friction is not entirely bad. As we know the body-mind is nothing but a certain movement of energy sustains itself on each surrounding movements. So once any friction happens we get to know what the system is lacking & where. Accordingly we pour the lubrication; say, hunger is some kind of friction so we eat to bring the system back to balance, the same is for sleep or reproduction.

There is something called circadian rhythm. All the instinctual activities we do in a day from waking up to eating to sleeping all happens in a rhythm. The only issue is of nonrhythmic movements what we call imbalance in system.


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    This imbalance is the only thing results in a poor experience of life. It further spoils our lifestyle, our habitat & ultimately our quality of life. So the first important thing in life is to ensure balance in our system of body & mind.

    Having Balance in the system of Body-mind

    Now what is balance? Let’s understand. When we talk about balance there is by default at least two things at play. If there is only one thing then there is no need to balance anything. Now let’s look at which things are at play when we say life or body-mind. Fundamentally life is an activity of certain level of dynamism & certain level of stillness relative to each other. Something is moving constantly in relation to its surrounding.

    Now as we have seen all Dynamism started by constant back & forth movement of homogeneous substance “Emptiness”. So the dynamism is a movement of this substance in a pattern between two extreme ends, say poles. Poles are nothing but state of the same substance with differed potential or differed density or condensation at two points. If substance remains homogeneous then there won’t be two points, it will be only one thing or one point attribute less. This differed density of substance created two points & so space came to existence. And so the movement also started between two points, which we say energy. Now as there is movement between two ends, as energy changes its state fluctuating back and forth, the state is not same at any moment. Any point of energy takes certain duration to travel from one end to another & come back. Now the measurement of the duration of particular movement of any one point of energy with respect to any other point in a unit is what we are calling “Time”. Time is measurement of frequency or duration of any movement of energy.

    Relation between the Balance in Body-mind & the fundamental structure of Universe or how the life is made

    When there was no potential difference between any two points of space, it was all homogeneous movement; there was no difference between dynamism & stillness of space. It was still & dynamic both but attribute-less. It was due to different condensation of space substance at two points gave attribute to a movement. These poles created whole universe from sustained movement with certain attribute of space substance.

    Now there will be difference between state of stillness & dynamism. Now we can say dynamism as potent with attribute (energy) & stillness as potent without attribute (space).

    So fundamentally it is Space & Energy at play which we call life. Without sustained play life cannot exist. Else it will go attribute-less or homogeneous.  

    So when we say human body-mind it has capacity to contain both of this state absolute stillness & dynamism. The journey of the dynamism in more & more complex states of system goes on continuously until a point comes when no further complex system can be built or we can say the system has utilized all potential of dynamic state of energy. It is the process of joining of all fundamental particle to form matter. Now this system of matter also takes on more & more complex forms; from gross universal objects to living beings. Human is the state till which whole potential of dynamic energy has been utilized & now no further possibility to make more complex systems remains.

    Now the journey starts to go backward to the point of absolute stillness. We will look into it in more details later.

    To maintain Balance is the key

    But now we are focusing on how to have balance in our system of body-mind. So when it comes to body mind we need to ensure there is no too extremities approached in any particular activity of body or mind. Else, it needs to be compensated in particular way to avoid any imbalance.

    So to have balanced body-mind there are two things necessary first is stable foundation of body-mind and a skillful management of mind & bodily activities between two extremities.  There are only two extremes possible in body & mind. Either body- mind becomes too inert that the dynamic activity of energy can’t sustain within the body-mind & so somehow there will be too much pressure on system of body-mind which forms many layers of other activities in body-mind which consequently makes the system imbalanced first & then later might result in breakage of the system.  Or the body-mind becomes hyperactive, which somehow can result in breakage of system in any layer & can result in imbalance first & then breakage further. So imbalance can appear in form of any disease or any compulsion depending on damage to the system.

    Although with the skill and timely action both the extremities can be managed well. You can go to one extreme to another if you can become sensitive to different movements of energy. It is like riding F1 car or a jet plane or you can be too relaxed as nearly shutting down the system & still maintain the necessary activeness in the system.

    It is only question of how sensitive you are with different gross & subtler movements of energy within you & around you. The more sensitive you are the better you will know what is lacking in the system or what is happening excessively. You can take the necessary actions to balance it out. At the same time you will get to know how to sustain a balance in your system of body-mind in all situations.

    Now we will look into different layers of system of body-mind in order to know how to operate it right way.

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