How to crack a job interview? – It is not less than solving a jigsaw puzzle

A job interview can often feel like a complicated jigsaw puzzle. The picture remains obscure until you successfully place the right pieces in their designated spots. And the key to cracking this puzzle? It’s the direction of your thinking.

The Power of Direction of Thought in Interviews

Yes, the content of your thoughts – your knowledge, can influence the interview to an extent. However, the crux of the matter lies in your capacity to understand a problem and your ability to devise solutions. These are the aspects companies essentially look for in potential employees.

Exploring Basic Attributes for Success

This extends further into your fundamental attributes. Your confidence level, your persuasive ability, your knack for relationship-building, your capacity to blend seamlessly with a team, your decisiveness, your adaptability to new environments and situations, all these come into play during the interview process.

The Interviewer’s Perspective: Seeking a Perfect Match

The interviewers then assess you against their company’s specific needs. They evaluate your attributes, creating a sort of web from your qualities. They make the selection based on how well this web aligns with the web they need for their company.


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    Making Your Mark: Ensuring Effective Self-Expression

    What can you control in this situation? Your ability to express your qualities during the interview. This becomes more effective when you’ve gathered as much information as possible about the company beforehand.

    Key Takeaways for a Successful Interview:

    1. Right Direction, Right Thinking: Harness your knowledge in the right direction, aligning your thinking with the requirements of the job.
    2. Efficiency in Execution: Figure out the target area of action & strive to improve your efficiency in every big or small thing around the niche area. This bolsters your basic attributes.
    3. Know Your Prospective Employer: Gather as much information as you can about the company before the interview.

    The Reality of Job Interviews: Rejection and Improvement

    Remember, even if you’re a phenomenal individual, that doesn’t guarantee you a 100% success rate in job interviews. Your selection depends on a multitude of factors. So, if you don’t get selected, don’t be disheartened. It might not be your fault at all. What’s important is to continuously strive for self-improvement, thereby increasing your chances of being chosen by a company.

    If you do face rejection, take it in your stride. Instead of feeling dejected, summon the courage to believe that it’s the company’s loss. They missed out on a valuable asset. That’s you. Continue your journey with determination, and success will undoubtedly find its way to you.

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