How and when love happens? – an insight into the unknown

The Intricacies of Love: Dispelling Misconceptions

Many exhort us to love others, to give ourselves fully to our beloved. However, few genuinely comprehend when and how love becomes possible. Today, we delve into the hidden dimensions of this fascinating emotion.

We must first dispel a common misunderstanding. If one claims to love, it is often seen as an expression of personal interest. Such interest is usually associated with action. Yet, love transcends this conceptualization. Love is not an action and does not stem from any particular interest. Interest breeds choices, and choices lead to selection. However, love cannot be reduced to a mere selection. If it were so, love would be a transaction, a selfish act – perhaps the most terrible action when linked to life itself.

Understanding When and How Love Emerges

Now, let’s explore the emergence of love. In essence, love arises when you possess no vested interest in your life or the lives of others. In other words, when you live without an explicit purpose, seeing yourself and others as one unified existence, free from the interference of personal interests – that’s when love happens. It’s a critical realization that love can only occur naturally; no one can deliberately “do” love. It exists beyond the realm of actions.


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    Love’s Expression: Condition and Receptivity

    Furthermore, when love does emerge, its expression is contingent on the right conditions. Love is always present for those who understand it, but its manifestation varies, reflecting differently upon diverse individuals based on the prevailing situation. Love cannot be contained; it flows freely. When a receptive atmosphere is present, love expresses and conveys itself through us.

    The Mystifying Dimension of Love

    The experience of love flowing through us opens a different dimension of life, defying conventional understanding. No one can logically decipher the expressions of love, making it seemingly meaningless. It surpasses psychology, transcending into a living reality that can only be lived, reverberated with, and experienced. Yet, it eludes explanation or comprehension, residing beyond the realm of words.

    Ask a peacock about the meaning of its dance of love for the peahen. It will just, “Tehunk..Tehunkkk…Tehunkkkk…!!!”

    It’s a profound experience, an emotion that touches the depths of one’s existence, impossible to articulate, yet undeniable in its presence.

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