Control panel of life- The Intense

Life’s Command Center: Harnessing the Power of Intention

Life often presents us with the question of control: How can we manage the ebbs and flows that life brings our way? To answer this, we must first dispel a common misconception. There is no separate entity called ‘life’ that exists apart from ourselves. We are life itself, and there is no distinct control panel from which we navigate. Yet, we can exercise control over our lives. This control emanates from our intense desire to live, our volition, which serves as the first manifestation of life.

Understanding the Reality of our Intentions

By our very nature, our intentions are real. They influence the successive incidents that occur in our lives, both those we initiate and those we experience. To exert control over life, we must first comprehend the nature of life itself. Only then can we grasp the potency of our intentions.


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    Creating Your World Through Intentions

    Whatever we aim to receive from others, we must first develop an intense desire to give. Our intentions shape our perspectives, and in turn, our perspectives mold our world. Therefore, if you wish to perceive a specific type of world, you must harmonize your intentions accordingly. The world reciprocates what we put forth according to our actions, but with no guarantees! as other perspectives, intentions and many other arrangements also influence the outcome.

    Understanding the Interplay of Perspectives

    While it is our actions that determine what the world gives back to us, this is not a simple one-to-one correspondence. Other perspectives, other intentions, also influence what we receive in response to what we give. Therefore, to optimize what you receive, it’s essential to comprehend others’ perspectives, shaping your actions according to what others desire, in order to get what you want.

    The Unity of Life and Intentions

    The concept of life is not divisible. We do not each possess a different life; we share the same essence. What we give to others is reflected back at us through their intentions, mirroring what we desire.

    While there is no external control panel for life, we have the power of intention, which serves as our internal command center. Our intentions shape our perspectives, and subsequently our world. By understanding this interplay, we can harmonize our intentions with others’ perspectives to fulfill our desires, thereby effectively exercising control over our lives. It’s a deep understanding of this intricate dance of intentions that leads us towards a rewarding, fulfilling life.

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